Updated: Jun 26, 2019

When a person takes Latin, he/she will see the world in a totally new light. I love looking at the world in a new way!

My Latin colleagues came up with the idea of Latin moments (I know I learned the idea from my friend Amy Grubb, but I am not sure where she learned it from). This is any time you unexpected see Latin, i.e. not in a Latin textbook. :)

In public school, my students would get extra credit for their Latin moments. Students could not share the same Latin moment, so many times they would be racing to tell me the same thing about a book they were reading, a show they were watching, etc.

As usual, my former students have taught me more than anyone about how seeing Latin moments have affected their lives. They, even though some of them have been out of high school for 20 years, still send me Latin moments. They take pictures of books they are reading that reference Latin. They send me memes with Latin expressions. Finally, and best of all, they show me how they incorporate Latin into their our lives.

To see the world with Latin moments is to see the world as a lifelong learner!

An old Logic Book showing the Square of Oppositions. Perfect Latin Moment!

Heroes of Olympus t-shirt--He has SPQR!

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