This resource contains files I have made to help you be successful in Challenge A Latin. Contained in this is: Henle Answer Key--every answer for all lessons. All the answer keys I have seen do not include all the exercises and does not include every possible answer. This is in a Google Doc so that you can comment and ask for clarification! Henle Vocabulary and Derivatives--Each lesson with the vocabulary the way I believe it should be taught (i.e. every noun has its gender and all the Latin words are written out). Henle Grammar Helps Daily Quizzes to make sure your student is memorizing thoroughly. All these quizzes are easily graded by either you or your student! Latin Tests and Keys for Lessons 1-15 A file from one of my friends telling you how to tab your Latin books! Latin Noun Declension Songs with the endings spelled out Latin Verb Personal Ending Songs (Active and Passive) IMPORTANT: This answer key goes through Lesson 32. I am intending to add to the resources in order to complete the Henle book. You will be able to access this through Google Drive. You can access it as I continue to write it. The price for this will be significantly higher once I get later lessons of Henle done.

Henle Latin Resources for Success!

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