How to Set up your Latin Notebook

I love setting up notebooks! I wish i enjoyed cleaning and organizing my house as much as notebooks! As promised, here is my daughter's latin notebook with explanations:

Here are all the tabs within the notebook. First, she has notes that she takes in class. Second, she has exercises.

if i had it to do over again, i would have made her leave space whenever exercises were skipped. That way, by Challenge i, she would have complete exercises for 1-15.

For the grammar rules section, she has the rules and the numbers cited. some rules do not have the title for the rule, so you can see on number 60, i have written on the side, i-stem rules.

Next, she has her vocabulary. i have her memorize genders as she goes along, because that is more helpful. she has my vocabulary (which you get as a freebies from my membership site), then she has tabs for each declension, conjugation, part of speech, etc.

Finally, she has all of the charts that her tutor has given her to practice with in page protectors.

As we have continued on, this notebook has worked pretty well for her. You can build on this as you continue into Latin II.

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