What to do when you are assigned too much Latin Homework...

One of my friends asked me today about what to do when your student has to do too much Henle work. Here are a couple of ideas:

-If your child is a strong student, have your child only do all of the English to Latin work. That is the hardest thing he/she will have to do in Latin. If their work is not up to par (Using my answer key, of course :)), then make them study either a) vocabulary B) Grammar or C)something else.

-If your child is a middle of the road student, have him/her take quizzes on the material. You can ask them to recite Grammar rules to you from the Henle Grammar or from the boxes in the Henle book. I tend to like to give Vocabulary quizzes with English meanings and they have to write the Latin, i.e. woods, forests-- and they have to write silva, silvae F.

-If you think your child has not mastered much Latin or you are not sure he/she has, have him/her do the Grammar and Dialectic exercises in Henle (I have them labeled in each exercise in my Henle Answer Key). Make sure you look at each exercise immediately after they do it to see where their weakness is.

CAVEAT: Some people tell me they have their students study grammar and Vocabulary. My worry with this is that the students may just read over it and not actually engage with the material. Exercises and Quizzes ensure that they do engage!

Let me know in the comments how I can help you (Besides a Henle II Answer Key--lots of people have asked me about that. I am not ready for that kind of commitment yet.)

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